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Important Note:  If you (PURCHASER/VISITOR /USER/BUYER/) are not accepting or agreeing ‘www.databaseprovidersbangalore.com’ company terms & conditions please refrain yourself from using this website and also we recommend you to not to purchase any product or services from this site.

The “Database” buyer from ‘www.databaseprovidersbangalore.com’ is called as “USER”.

Databases as an service / product was verified from our end using our own random verification and validation method and techniques. Please ensure to judge the quality before any purchase.

The databases are valid at the time of validation done by us or even Third parties and we never give any guarantee to “USERS” for accuracies for them.

Databases may be not valid or not live or inactive in near future.

‘www.databaseprovidersbangalore.com’ never give any guarantee for whether the databases provided by ‘www.databaseprovidersbangalore.com’ will be valid or active for some period of time.

After purchasing the database(s) from ‘www.databaseprovidersbangalore.com’ “USER” has to use the database(s) only for their product promotion and USER should not use for spamming or other illegal purpose.

If USER doing any illegal activity or spamming then any third party has rights to take action against USER.



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